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CMP photoperiod is based on dimmer lighting

  • LED fixture with symmetrical optics in varnished die-cast aluminum, with optical diffuser;
  • Designed to maximize efficiency and light distribution;
  • IP65 protection degree;
  • Red night light perceivable by the human eye, but not by the cow;
  • Total control system, dimmer with manageable light sensor;
  • Benefits from the 4.0 tax credit.

Photoperiod: what is it?

It’s a sequence of daylight alternating with hours of darkness which, properly balanced, increases milk production and cow comfort. Over its lifespan, the animal is exposed to well-defined cycles of light and darkness. It is necessary to alternate light and darkness correctly, in order to avoid getting the opposite effect.

Working principles

The photoperiod system works thanks to a continuous calculation of the intensity of natural light: the control unit obtains an average value and, according to it, automatically varies the luminous intensity of the installed lighting fixtures. The floor measurement must return a brightness of 150-200 LUX.

Young animals – Extended periods of lighting fosters and hastens the onset of puberty and heat;
Dairy cows – Milk yield may reach its highest level when there are light periods of 16 hours a day;
Dry cows – At this stage, the photoperiod is not recommended, in order to boost the regeneration of the breast tissue.

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